24-hour Service Available, Call (780) 975-6167

Prime Time Courier

4 Service Times To Choose From

Delivery times are guaranteed from the time we receive your call:

Regular – Delivery within 4 hours
Rush – Delivery within 3 hours
Direct – Delivery within 1 hour
Point to Point – Delivery within 30 minutes or ASAP

Note: We are unable to guarantee delivery times when weather conditions are unsatisfactory

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Bonded Delivery Drivers

All of the Prime Time staff are bonded.
There is no worrying when it comes to time-sensitive, fragile, or confidential deliveries. We get your delivery where it needs to go and take exceptional care to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.



Internet & Radio Dispatched Drivers

Because Prime Time utilizes the latest technology, we are able to dispatch drivers to pickup your items within seconds of taking your call. This is just one more tool that we employ to make sure you receive the best possible service around.

– 24 Hour Hot Shot Service

We accept Hot Shot delivery requests any time of the day or night.

Anything. Anywhere. Anytime. Call (780) 975-6167.

– Basic Pickup & Delivery

Basic pickup and delivery works 2 ways:

– Pickup FROM YOU and deliver to another destination
– Pickup from a destination and deliver TO YOU

No matter what the situation we are able to help you out. Need an urgent cheque delivered to someone? We can do that. Have an urgent piece of paper at work and need it at home? We can do that too.

– Mail Runs

If you require daily service to pickup and drop off your mail, this is the service for you. For a busy office, we can help streamline your operations by taking care of the smaller details like daily mail. We also service customers who require inter-office mail pickup and delivery between different office locations.

– Bank Deposits

When it comes to money, getting to the bank is very important but the wait time in line can be brutal. Let us give you back that time by waiting in line for you. We can make daily or weekly pickups of your bank deposit and take it to the bank for you. We do the waiting and supply you with proof of delivery for every delivery.

– Scheduled Pickups

Perhaps you have certain items which need to go to various areas of the city throughout the day or week. Schedule your pickups with us and take the worry out of your daily operations. We can be there when you need us and deliver whatever you have to wherever it needs to go. Whether it’s 5 packages per month, 5 packages per day, or 500 packages per day– we’ll be there for you.